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Enjoying the Job with reminding the Etiquette: PDF Print E-mail
Written by SkyMarshall   
Sunday, 12 September 2010 14:32

Jobs of a cabin crew is a dream for many teenagers out there! But remember, of all the duties
they perform on the aircraft, most important is passengers safety. While they are ensuring
benefits, we as passengers can help a lot to help them help us better. Every-time I fly, I am being
made felt I am a guest in their home. Just as a return favor we can, with very little actions, can
make them feel comfortable with us. Here is a quick list for it:
– Hear and Follow instructions. Foremost priority of the flight attendants is passengers
safety. They don't speak instructions in the mic to just because, they like to hear their own
voice on announcement system or they like to give orders. Its for passengers saftey and
government rules. Also, they have an experience of people being hurt when they dont
follow the instructions and thus they want to avoid any unpleasant situation as much as
they can.
– Delays costs everyone. Delays are one of the most traumatic things for a cabin crew
who is on his/her multiday trip. Also, many members of crew are to be on another plane
from next stop, and they miss that and thus miss their pay too. So, delays are not at all in
benefits of cabin crew and thus, shouting on them is a total dis-regard towards their
courteous service.
– A little help while boarding. According to a senior air hostess, most difficult part in their
job is boarding. As the passengers board and start stocking up their overhead bins and
they start getting filled, up, they have to rush in stream and help them. If passengers can
be a little more helpful and help the neighbor to stock the luggage in overhead bin, saves
time and also helps a very peaceful trip.
– Simple greetings goes a long way. A simple greeting while boarding or returning the
greeting makes them feel like respect earned. Also, when you need something saying a
simple “Please” or “Thank You”, makes them feel very comfortable and thus can provide
their best service.
If the following simple things are kept in mind while traveling, from my experience, I would say,
that trip will be one to remember and very pleasant .
Happy Airline Dives !

Finding job in the industry: PDF Print E-mail
Written by SkyMarshall   
Sunday, 12 September 2010 14:30

One of the most sought after question in the aspirants of the airline industry is How do I get a job
in airlines industry? Well, lets see some of the basics things which will help you to land in the right
– Interest. First and foremost thing in any job you do is your interest. Without your interest
in the field you are nothing. You must be very interested in your job. As an airline crew you
must be interested in knowing what a customer likes from a specific category, learning
about cultural differences, etc. That helps a lot.
– Aptitude. This is the second quality one must have. He/She must be able to quickly be
able to react to a situation. Have aptitude in serving the customers. Also, must have a
quick learning quality.
– Qualification. Generally if you are applying for a cabin crew, any graduate would work
fine. Its better if you have quality of knowledgeable in multiple languages. This helps to
communicate better with the customers and thus provide a great service.
After getting these things right and sorted out, let us look at some of the ways of getting into this
industry(i will take about most obvious at last)
– Cold Calling. Since the recent marketing era, cold calling has been one of the best
weapon of any marketer and thus your's too. I am not saying you should take a directory
and start calling each of them, instead, keep a check on current news in the industry and
pick some airlines which you think are growing. Remember, a growing company will always
need manpower, even if they dont advertise it publicly.
– Local Airport Functions. Attend local airport functions. This will help you in two ways.
One, it will help you to build your network with like-minded people. Second, you will be
updated with the latest in your field, which can come in handy when you appear for an
– Attend conferences and meetings. Attending conferences are one of the avenues to
build your network. You would be able to interact with the current employees of the airlines
and thus gain valuable tips and tricks which can be lifesavers in interviews. Also, many
airlines have referral system in place.
– Job sites. Update your resumes and profile on job sites regularly and thus will also
provide you more visibility on the job site.
These steps are very common, but when used with proper planning, can help a lot to both,
newbies and experienced ones who want to change their job. If you have any further questions,
complaints, suggestions,etc. Please write to me at
Happy Airline Dives !


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